10-10-1 Plan From Rachel Hollis

Rachel HollisSince I love numbers, you must understand how much I loved listening to Rachel Hollis explain her 10-10-1 plan while I drove to Salt Lake City before the doTERRA convention this year.

As my 7th highlighted teacher, I want to honor Rachel for her work of inspiring women to reach their goals.  My first introduction to her was reading her book Girl, Wash Your Face.  Then I was priviledged to hear her speak at the Leadership Retreat for doTERRA in March of 2019.  Most recently, I listened to her new book, Girl, Stop Apologizing.

One activity that she recommends is the 10-10-1 plan, as I’ll explain here.  I prefer short tidbits but if you are like my sister, get a copy of the book and enjoy all the details that Rachel shares.

Free to give fullImagine yourself 10 years from now, what 10 dreams do you have?  It’s OK to pause here, close your eyes and create your world.  Go deep and feel the emotions you want to have.  Where are you?  Do you love your career?  What does your family look like?  How much energy do you have?  Where will you travel?  Now create one goal that will help you get to that life.

While completing this activity, I felt empowered because I realized that I am living my dream now!  Homeschooling my kids while teaching people how to live a healthier life is so fulfilling for me.  Enjoying my marriage where my husband and I love being together 24/7 during vacations is perfect.  running to bankIf we could, my husband and I would even work together because our relationship is so strong that we want to be together all the time.  We are debt free and working on saving for retirement.  By using the Lifelong Vitality Pack everyday, we have enough energy to keep up with our kids and their various activities.

So where do we go from here?  A trip to England, then Africa.  Continue on our path of learning, teaching, and sharing life with others.

Your turn.  What do you want?  I am inviting you to join us!  Start with a few more cups of water per day.  Walk around the block every day.  Save 10% of your pay check for a rainy day.  Ask questions and find your path.  Comment below with your successes so we can cheer for you as well.

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