First of 100 New Teachers!

rootsThank you Jana Slothower for becoming my first new teacher!

After going to the doTERRA convention and Empowered Success training this week, I have decided that I will find 100 new teachers because I love to learn and this way, I can learn faster by finding others who know what I don’t know.

Do you see what I learned?  [Insert arrow here pointing to the vase at the right]  What is that white stuff at the bottom of the glass jar?  Why is it so impressive?

As I type this, it is the middle of September and the weather is changing.  Soon my garden will be dead until it arises again in the spring.  Except this year, Jana taught me that I can grow cherry tomatoes in the winter with a few easy steps that I will now share with you.

  1. Trim the top of a cherry tomato plant off
  2. Insert the stem into some water
  3. After the roots start growing, transplant into prepared soil
  4. Keep in sunny window


How long does it take, you may wonder.  I trimmed these tops about 2 weeks ago and the roots are several inches long.  Those white things above are all long roots.  Can you believe it?after in window

Last night, I transplanted three of the plants into this container and now they are in my kitchen window, which has a sill wide enough to hold them.

Of note, I don’t remember if the plants had the blossoms when I trimmed them but all of the plants that I started have them now (before I put them in the soil).  Stay tuned for more ideas as I learn from those around me.

Do you have a skill or talent that you are willing to share?  Please comment below or find me on Facebook at OilsWithChristy because I will be spotlighting 99 more teachers and their ideas!


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