6 great ideas for better sleep

sleepWhy is sleep important anyway?  Thank you for asking!  Of course we have all had rough days where we would prefer to stay in bed but did you know that our bodies actually need sleep to function properly?  When we don’t get enough sleep several body systems suffer including:

  • Immune system,
  • Cardiovascular system,
  • Weight management, and
  • Overall health.

Is that enough motivation to learn more about sleep for yourself and your family?

In my E-Book: 8 Secrets for Raising Healthy Children, I discuss the need for a bed-time routine for your children.  Go ahead and download your copy now  in this Free E-Book!  The minimal items for bedtime at my house are potty, teeth, hair.  Some nights I run through that list verbally with my kids to ensure we covered the basics.  Bonus additions include a story, a song and a discussion about their day.

sunWhat about your bed-time routine as an adult?  Ideally, you will be off electronic devices 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep because the lights in the devices reset your internal clock, which may keep you stimulated when you are trying to drift into dreamland.  Speaking of light, to help your body clock stay in sink with the outside world, you should get sunshine, either directly or through a window, for 15 minutes each day.

Have you heard of sleep hygiene?  That is where you use the bed solely for sleeping so your body becomes accustomed to falling asleep there, rather than anticipating food to eat or a stimulating book to read.  Keeping your body on a regular schedule is also beneficial.  Yes, it is a sacrifice to get out of bed early on the weekend and even harder to go to bed early on Friday night but it is worth it!

SerenityFinally, there are natural products to help you relax and sleep.  Introducing Serenity, Restful Complex, which is a dietary supplement in a softgel that will help you sleep better.  Take 1 or 2 softgels about 30 minutes before you go to bed, relax and enjoy.  You can also use Serenity Essential Oil, also called Restful Blend, on your pillow, in a diffuser or applied topically to your forehead, chest, wrists or even feet.  The Serenity Essential Oil can be used for children also!  Just put a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or olive oil, in your hand, add a drop of Serenity then rub on their feet, spines, foreheads or pillows.

Sweet dreams!

If you have other ideas or questions, comment below or find me on Facebook because I love learning new things then helping other people feel better.