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To begin, I must admit that my personality is Red, which means that I like things short and sweet.  When I was in college, one of my instructors asked for a short report on an experiment.  You can imagine my confusion when they said my 10 page report was too short.

Now that you understand that nuance, I will share the highlights of my life so you can understand my credentials for teaching people about raising healthy children and how to use essential oils.  One thing that I learned in college 20 years ago was that we need to look at the source of our information before we should believe it.  With the menagerie of information on the Internet, reviewing the source of information is even more important now.

My story begins at my birth, as a bi-centennial child (can you tell how old I am?) and the second girl in my family in Salt Lake City, Utah.  School was my favorite place to go because I LOVED to learn – and still do.  I remember one day looking at a billboard and commenting to my mom that I couldn’t help reading it.  Once I knew how to read, I couldn’t stop.  Nor did I want to stop.  Even now when I get a new book, I delve in and devour it quickly.

As a child, I planned on being a teacher by profession.  One day I visited one of my Elementary School teachers but her classroom looked the same as it had when I was a pupil there.  I realized that I couldn’t be a typical teacher because I didn’t want to do the same thing every year.  In High School, I discussed career options with my mom and decided that I wanted to be a physician, likely a Pediatrician because I love kids.  Irony would have it that my counselor repeatedly told the students that they shouldn’t say they will be physicians.  I’m not sure why he counseled us that way since that is the path I followed successfully.

For my Bachelor’s in Science Degree, I chose Chemical Engineering to set myself apart from the other applicants to medical school.  It worked and I attended St. Louis University Medical School, then completed my Pediatric Residency in St. Louis also.  The best part was I found my husband there!

After I finished my training, I started my own practice, with assistance from the local hospital.  For years, I helped families and children with their health concerns.  Meanwhile, my husband and I were unable to have our own family.  My work schedule while running my own business was worse than training.  That was not what I wanted for my life so I decided to close the office.

The day I closed my practice was the day I found out I was pregnant with our first child.  A Miracle!  I know my path has been directed by the Lord.  Being home with my daughter, then a few years later my son, has been the best part of my life!  As my children grew, I kept detailed journals of their accomplishments.  When my daughter was 2 1/2 years old, she could sing 50 songs independently.  Some songs were short, such as ABC’s, but others were complicated; the most notable being the names of the Presidents of the United States in order from George Washington to Barack Obama.  With this evidence of her talents, I knew I was going to be an integral part of my children’s education.

After waiting so many years for our family, my husband and I were doting parents, as you can imagine.  With each health challenge (starting with nursing challenges, then colic), we held a planning session to decide how to help our precious baby.  I can look back now and see with the advantage of hindsight what we did right and what could be improved upon.  Combining my medical knowledge with practical experience makes me confident in my advice that I give other people when discussing options for a healthy family.

In July 2015, I started sharing my talents with others by teaching people about dōTERRA essential oils.  Why did I choose that path?  I love questions, thank you for asking!  For me, there were 3 factors that guided my decision.  First, my husband mentioned how much the Deep Blue Capsules helped him feel great without any prompting from me.  Next, I discovered the Class in a Box that dōTERRA provides to help people teach others about the oils.  Finally, as I was contemplating the cues from the first 2 pieces of information, I realized that whatever business I created for myself would also help my sister financially since she was the one who introduced me to the oils.  Since my family and I were also enjoying the many of the multi-faceted benefits of essential oils and other products, I knew it was right to start sharing and teaching these with other people.

Since I don’t work at a typical business anymore, I enjoy a flexible schedule.  Each day I choose what to do , where to go and who to teach (my children come first of course with their homeschool lessons).  I love this freedom!  Besides creating a residual income, which means I get paid even when I’m not working based on the team that I’ve built, my children are learning how to create a business as well.  Hands-on education is much more practical than book knowledge, in my opinion.  That being said, I work to balance book learning/reading with real life experiences.

To add to my own knowledge base, I’ve spent hours researching many types of therapies for Multiple Sclerosis, M.S., because I was recently diagnosed with this incurable disease.  In fact, I will soon be a Certified Holistic Health Coach.

Thank you for stopping by!  Enjoy your day and please let me know if you have questions.  That reminds me about another detail about me: I love to help people!

Christy Armbruster MD

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