Adding Flavor Easily

oatmealDo you love oatmeal?   Me too because it provides a warm bowl of nutrition that is quick, versatile, and inexpensive!  When cutting back on sugar, I discovered how to use local honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg for added flavor.    My kids love to include fresh fruits, dehydrated apples, or raisins.

Why not use cinnamon essential oil? cinnamon-bark-5ml

I had used cinnamon essential oil in applesauce to enjoy a Red Hot flavor (remember the candy) so my next experiment was cinnamon in my oatmeal.  Wow!  What powerful flavor from one drop, cue the emoji with the tongue licking my lips.

Guess what else – in doing so, my immune system was strengthened against seasonal threats and my body benefited from powerful *cleansing properties.

Have you heard people talk about not using essential oils internally?  Let’s talk about true quality in essential oils because when you buy doTERRA essential oils directly from doTERRA, you will have quality assurance including a money back guarantee.

doTERRA is leading the essential oil industry by ensuring each batch of essential oil is tested 42 ways, including third-party testing.  If a batch doesn’t pass, it is not sold.  Each bottle is even labeled with a code so you can see the report on your oil!

To find the source code on your bottle, look at the bottom.  See the 181949A on the bottom of this bottle of Cassia?  You can see the report for this bottle at by entering the code.  All the oils that you order from doTERRA will also have a source code so you can learn more about that essential oil.cassia supplement

Since we know doTERRA essential oils are pure because they are tested for repeatedly for quality, when you see the Supplement Facts on the side of the bottle, which looks like a food label,  we know that essential oil is safe to use internally.

Are you ready to try some for yourself?  You can shop online here Cinnamon Essential Oil.

If you have more questions, simply comment below or find me on Facebook at OilsWithChristy.  We can make a plan together to help you reach your health goals!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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