Thank You Alex!

MRI prepAs you may know, I have Multiple Sclerosis.  One of the annual routines is having an MRI to see if the lesions in my brain are worsening or otherwise active.  This means that I have to go into the big, noisy machine, head first, with a contraption over my head and hold still for an hour.  Did I mention that I am claustrophobic?

MRI help with AlexIntroducing Alex.  He has helped me through 3 or more of these tests and I wanted to share what he taught me as my 10th highlighted teacher.

Two years ago, I had a terrible time staying calm while in the MRI machine.  I asked to come out, sit up and compose myself several times.  When asking in the M.S. support group, people mentioned that music helped them get through it.  I didn’t have music.  I needed music.  I wanted music.

Fast forward to the next exam, Alex said we do not have headphones that can be used for a head MRI.  Cue downcast eyes holding back tears of angst.  Why not?  The cost is too high.  We’ll leave the potential commentary there and move on to a solution.

MRI music tube Alex said he could pipe in music from his control room.  The problem was the machine was so loud that I couldn’t hear it through the speakers.  So he created this ingeneous contraption.  He connected a tube shown in my hand in the picture to the clear tube, that leads I don’t know where, but the tube then brought music streaming into the MRI machine next to my left ear.

Compassion, customer service, caring solutions.  That is the legacy that Alex shared with me.  I am thankful for his patient kindness!

In case you are wondering what my results were this year, I’m happy to report that I have, quoting from the dictated report, “Extensive abnormal FLAIR signal“, which means that  my brain shows many abnormal areas.  BUT, my body is functioning so well that I don’t have many of the symptoms that people with Multiple Sclerosis frequently have.  No pain, no weakness, no limited mobility.  In fact, this summer I ran 5Ks many times, where previously I had not run more than 1 mile at a time, and those runs were few and Color run far between.

How can my scan be so abnormal and my body be working so well? 

Let me share my secret: I use a combination of modern medicine and alternative solutions, including exercising, eating well, staying hydrated, taking DDR Prime and Lifelong Vitality at lunch daily, applying Copaiba with Neroli and Vetiver each night so I can sleep well and enjoy more energy upon awakening.  Through the day I use other essential oils as needed including all the On Guard products so I can stay healthy even though my immune system is lowered from my modern medicine.

Are you looking for relief?  If so, let’s talk.  It is free to reach out to me so comment below or find me on Facebook so you can feel better too.

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