All the Way from the UK!

Thank you Alison Aylen for your wise insights in improving my parking ability!

My third spotlighted teacher came to Utah for the 2019 doTERRA Convention after a “hop across the pond” from England.  While there, I had a problem in that I parked so close to the curb that my new tire rubbed a against it.  Note, this had happened once before.  [Cue hand on forehead emoji.]  So while I was lamenting this mistake, Alison kindly suggested I use my mirrors to see where the tires were while parking.

Light bulb moment!  

Aren’t mirrors to see cars behind us?  Yes!  But guys, if you look down toward your tires specifically, you can see where they are in relation to the curb.  Admittedly, I may be the only one who finds this information new, but I’m thrilled with this knowledge and appreciative of my calm teacher who helped me through a challenging circumstance.

Now my goal is to park with at least one tire touching the gutter so as to respect other vehicles that wish to pass my parked car.  This week, I’ve been conscientiously practicing parking so that I can develop muscle memory and increase my confidence in this skill.  Ironically, when I was 16, I could parallel park very well.  Not sure why that skill disappeared.

How does this post relate to you?

  1. Perhaps you will use your mirrors in new ways
  2. Maybe you will decide there is something you want to improve and you will pracice
  3. Or you could find someone who can help you do something new

Please comment below with your new insights so we can all learn together.  If you need help, find me on Facebook.  Have a great day! 

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