What would you avoid?

painWhile discussing scriptures this morning, I asked my kids and my husband, out of the list of what Jesus Christ suffered, including temptations, hunger, thirst, fatigue, and pain¹, which would they avoid the most.  My son wanted to avoid hunger; my daughter and I wanted to avoid pain.  Surprisingly, my husband said he wouldn’t avoid anything.

Curiosity brought me to ask what he meant.  Learning comes from pain.  Accepting what comes is easier than avoiding it.

bulbLightbulb moment!  My husband helped me recognize that while my training as a pediatrician was to prevent health challenges by using safe practices, real life happens and it is easier to accept what is occuring rather than resisting.  With my children, I have worked tirelessly to keep them comfortable so I could avoid the pain of them struggling.  This was selfish motivation.  By so doing, my children don’t appreciate what they have.  Life has been too easy with me protecting them from bumps and bruises.

Without the sadness, how can you feel joy?  Without hunger, how can you enjoy the taste of food?  Without pain, how can you appreciate comfort?

Now, my goal is to allow natural consequences to occur for my children based on their decisions.

For myself, recognizing that I can tolerate some pain, helps relieve that pressure from trying to avoid pain.  It’s easier to accept what is occuring than fear what may happen.  Yes, we can prepare for challenges but our focus should be on living our lives.

Thank you Joe for teaching me a new perspective!

What have you been trying to avoid?  Ponder deeper, is it worth the effort to avoid?  Comment below or find me on Facebook so we can discuss this topic deeper.

¹Mosiah Chapter 3 verse 7 in the Book of Mormon

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