Beginning Guide to Essential Oils

How to Change Your Life with Essential Oils

Thank you for visiting this page!  Since I am a teacher by nature, retired Pediatrician by training and loving mother by divine design, I find great joy by helping people and their families!

Let’s discuss how to live a healthier, happier life by using natural products.

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Christy Armbruster.  Currently, I am homeschooling my two wonderful children while teaching people how to live healthier lives naturally.

When my sister first introduced me to essential oils, I ignored her.  At the time, I was in denial thinking that I was healthy and didn’t need anything.  Once my husband tried the Deep Blue products and found relief in his joints, we started buying them.  In April 2015, I purchased the Life Long Vitality Pack for my husband but he wasn’t taking it so I decided I would take it since I didn’t want to waste anything, plus it wouldn’t hurt to have more vitamins and minerals in my system.  After a few weeks, I increased my dose to three of each capsules per day (the full dose is four of each per day).  Then I became the Energizer Bunny running non-stop for 5 days!  They are stimulant free by the way.  Because of this benefit, knowing that building a business would help my sister and I had discovered that I could purchase a Class in a Box for $25, I started planning my first class just 8 months after I signed up, even though I had repeatedly told my sister I wasn’t going to sell anything.

What would you like more of in your life?

Initially I was in denial and thought I didn’t need anything.  I’ve discovered that I can feel energized during the day, sleep better at night and find peace through the use of different products.
My favorite part of teaching classes is helping people find what would help them the most.  To do this, we create a list of their current health challenges and goals then match those needs with products.  Feel free to create your list of concerns now and send it to me at [email protected].  I will respond with the options that may help you and those you love.

How do you use dōTERRA Essential Oils?

Click here to learn the three ways to enjoy the benefits.

Why would you choose dōTERRA Essential Oils?

When my sister told me about Oregano essential oil, I thought, why wouldn’t I use Oregano from my spice cabinet?  It costs less and has the same name.  Wow, I have discovered the difference!  Essential oils are collected from different parts of plants.  They are so concentrated, when I use Oregano essential oil in pizza sauce, I put a toothpick inside the bottle to get less than a drop to season it.

Not only are essential oils very concentrated, each oil provides a variety of health benefits.  Just opening the bottle and breathing in the aroma of Wild Orange, for example, can improve your mood.

  • dōTERRA essential oils are so versatile and natural.  They smell great, lift your mood, support various body systems and can be used as safe, non-toxic cleaning agents!
  • Since the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate essential oils, dōTERRA created a trademark CPTG, which stands for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.  This means there are no impurities, additives, preservatives or other plant components, just the essential oil in each bottle.  Third-party companies verify that each batch meets the high standards of dōTERRA.
  • Because of the testing mentioned above, many of the essential oils sold by dōTERRA are safe for internal use (as specified on the bottle with the Supplemental Facts information).  Of course we should be able to drink lemon, lime, peppermint and other essential oils.  We eat the plant so it makes sense.  Naturally, Cedarwood and blends that contain essential oils from plants we don’t eat are not intended to be used internally.

Did you know that dōTERRA sources the oils from indigenous environments of the plants?

That means the plants are grown where they naturally occur, thereby providing the highest quality essential oil.  I live in Northern Nevada and we wouldn’t want to get essential oils from the plants there because they wouldn’t be potent.
Part of the mission of dōTERRA is to help people around the world.  Co-Impact Sourcing is the program that dōTERRA uses to help people in the country where they are harvesting the plants.   Sometimes, wells are dug to provide clean water, in other places schools are built to educate the children.  Wherever they are, dōTERRA serves the community that helps provide amazing oils.

For people who want the freedom to work from home, dōTERRA offers an amazing compensation plan that rewards people for helping their team-mates grow their business.

What is the best way to get essential oils in your home?

Perhaps you have noticed that dōTERRA products are not sold in stores.  Instead, people who use the products have the option to earn commission by teaching other people about how, when and why to use them plus the best way to purchase products based on each individual’s needs.

The best way to start is to buy an Enrollment Kit because you get more oils for less money because the $35 initial membership fee is included with the kit!  There are many enrollment kits to choose from based on your needs.  I would love to see the list of health challenges that you are working on so I can show you the best products for you and your family!  Just email me at [email protected] or you can send me a message on

When I respond to your email, I will include oils that may help each challenge that you are trying to relieve then summarize the best enrollment kit options for you to get the most value.  Since each oil helps several areas of our body, I consider it a fun puzzle to find the best oils to help you the most.

How do you get dōTERRA essential oils in your home?

  • Go to my website at
    • Click the Become a Member Tab
    • Fill in the Country and Language
    • Pick your favorite kit to start*
  • When filling out the About You Tab, choose wholesale membership** if you want to be a customer or wellness advocate if you would like share essential oils with others
  • Complete the transaction

*There is a package for the $35 membership fee for people who want items that aren’t sold in an enrollment kit.  Then you can add other items into your cart to get what you want specifically.

**There are two types of accounts available.  Wholesale membership offers 25% off retail prices and has the optional monthly program where you buy products each month and earn points to redeem for more products.  Wellness Advocates receive the same discounts but are also eligible for commissions when they introduce other people to the benefits of essential oils.

Don’t Worry: Becoming a member does not require any minimum purchases nor selling.  dōTERRA is flexible so each person can get what they want when they want.  In my case, I just bought items every few months initially then decided to join the optional monthly program so I could earn points, which I then redeemed for more products.  Also, when I decided to start teaching people, I didn’t fill out any paperwork or pay a fee; I just invited my friends, learned how to teach them about dōTERRA and started my business.

As a member of my team, you will receive a free personal membership overview via phone or online so all of your questions are answered and you can understand all the benefits of membership.  In addition, you may join several Facebook groups to help you use the oils to their maximum benefit.

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for!  What products are included in the five different enrollment kits?  Remember, the benefits of starting with a kit is you save the $35 membership fee.

Natural Solutions Kit $570 [Savings $250]Natural Solutions

If you want to have a great selection of natural products to improve the health of your household, I recommend the Natural Solutions Kit because you will have the items needed to enjoy a cleaner home with fewer chemicals so your body will feel better.


healthy-habits-kitHealthy Habits Kit $195 [Savings $75]

If you are wanting to start with small changes daily, look at the Healthy Habits Kit because you will enjoy a foundation of health with the Life Long Vitality Pack, which provides energy; in addition, you will have basic essential oils to improve you sleep (Lavender), breathing (Breathe), focus (Frankincense), cleaning (Lemon), and overall health (On Guard).  Many people know Deep Blue because of the tingling relief it provides to sore muscles and joints.  Included in this kit are PB Assist +, which is a double encapsulated probiotic that includes prebiotics, and Terrazyme.  Both help our digestive tracts function properly to reduce stomach discomfort and help with emotions.


Healthy Start Kit  $160 [Savings $25]

Love the popular essential oils?  Grab this Healthy Start Kit that includes the top 10 essential oils and a diffuser so you are ready for whatever ailment your family has.  Adding fractionated coconut oil to the bag is helpful so you can spread the oils more easily and dilute the hot ones, such as Oregano, before applying to skin.

Feel free to explore the Healthy Home Kit which has the Healthy Start Kit with added On Guard products, including toothpaste, foaming hand wash, cleaner concentrate and more so your whole family can enjoy better immune protection.

What if you want to start with a kit that you can customize?  That’s where the Simple Solutions Kit comes in because you get the very popular Deep Blue Rub for muscles, Serenity for calming the mind and body, Lemon for cleaning, and On Guard for overall health.  Then you can add whatever products best fit your needs.

Don’t know what to get?  That’s where I come in so contact me by commenting below, finding me on Facebook, or Instagram.  We can talk about your health and create a plan to help you feel better.  Thank you for stopping here today!  I look forward to speaking with you soon.