Behold Your Little Ones

coinsFor today’s highlighted teacher, we will go back several decades.  When I was 8, my family moved from the west side of town (lower income) to the east side of town.  At my original elementary school, we were going to learn how to count money after the Christmas break, which means adding simple numbers.  Imagine my dismay when the children at my new school were finishing their times tables in order to move on to division.

Guys, I didn’t know what multiplication was so I felt years behind my new classmates.

Enter Ms. Canning, my second grade teacher.  She must have recognized the gap between what I knew and what she was teaching so she took me aside every afternoon and helped me individually.  When I started third grade, I was top of the class again because she propelled me forward to reach my potential.

beholdYears later, I wanted to thank her but didn’t know how to contact her.  During our church services, several women said they knew her so I was able to thank her 10 years later.  It turned out that the year I was in second grade was the last year she taught because she retired.  Can you believe I was the first student to thank her?  She profoundly changed my life.

In the scriptures, we read Jesus’ words in the Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi, chapter 17, verse 23, “Behold your little ones.”  Ms. Canning certainly beheld me.  Now I look at my children with this scripture in mind and see their potential.  Each one of us can become more than we thought possible if we apply ourselves, work hard, and help each other.

Has someone beheld you?  The true you, the potential within you?  If so, have you expressed gratitude to them yet?  If not, reach out to me because my mission is to truly see people and lift them from where they are.  That is my legacy in honor of what Ms. Canning did for me.  Comment below or send me a message on Facebook so we can connect and help each other grow to who we are meant to be.

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