What will you put in your calendar?

AsIts about time I started reading It’s About Time for book club I became acutely aware of how busy my schedule is.  Between activities for church, rehearsals, swimming practices, homeschool groups, and chores at home, there is little room for relaxing.  Yesterday several major events were postponed so now my calendar is almost clear.  Initially, I felt forlorn at the loss.  However, as the evening wore on, I became excited about the prospect of intentionally choosing what to do each day.

Spring is in the air so we will be outside preparing our garden, we will start hiking and biking, we will deep clean our house while decluttering!  Life is good and exciting when we adjust our perspective.

Now it is your turn to decide what is most important to do.  Vegetables, Paprika, Traffic Light Vegetable, Food, Eat

  • Read books for personal development
  • Enjoy your hobby whether that is fishing or woodworking
  • Recreation outside such as gardening or running
  • Cook meals from scratch
  • Play games with your family

If you need more ideas, comment below or find me on Facebook and we can plan ways to enjoy this break from the hectic lifestyle that our modern world has created.

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