Cleaning Naturally

Have you ever had a young child clean the bathroom [Insert wide-eyed mother imagining her child using Bleach]?   When I […]

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Feeling Angry?

How often do you feel ready to burst like a volcano spewing lava upon whomever is around you?  Explosive emotions […]

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Cinnamon Bark Oil

Adding Flavor Easily

Do you love oatmeal?   Me too because it provides a warm bowl of nutrition that is quick, versatile, and inexpensive!  […]

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Financial Freedom in 5 steps

Imagine if you didn’t have the burden of debt hanging over you.  What relief that would provide! How much better […]

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healthcare website

Four Ideas to Reduce Your Medical Bills

In case you are wondering, this is a real bill.  Despite researching which hospital to use for a recent surgery, […]

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Breaking the Money Taboo

As we raise well-rounded children, talking about money is a critical subject, so let’s talk about it here too. Here […]

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Quick Way to Improve Your Health

For six weeks, I’ve been participating in a Self-Reliance Course and learning about how to improve finances in business and […]

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