Come Join Us

chairs-58475_960_720Have you ever been in a group and somehow felt left out because of how other people were sitting?  Or perhaps they were standing in a small circle and you were on the outside?

At church on Sunday, we were rearranging the chairs so I put my coat down and helped move them into a semi-circle.  As the other women were sitting down, there was one chair and a gap between the chair I initially chose and where the rest of the group was sitting.  Momentarily, I felt sadness because I was not in the group.  Being shy, I decided to accept my location rather than move.

Cue my newest teacher, Sister Collins, a new missionary in our area.  Rather decidedly, she patted the empty chair next to her and invited me to come sit by her.

In response to her kind offer, a flood of happy emotions washed over me.


  • Relief
  • Supported
  • Love
  • Unity
  • Appreciation
  • Acceptance

Now I offer the same invitation to you.  You are welcome to be my friend.  Comment below.  Ask questions.  Share experiences.  Find solutions for yourself and those you love.  I’m on Facebook too.

No matter where you are physically, we can work together to improve your emotional state.

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