Too much stuff!  Are you in a quandry about what to do to clean up your house?  Are there piles of papers, clothing, and school projects strewn all over?  Mine too.  We’ve lived here for over 14 years and have accumulated too much stuff despite having annual yard sales, limiting excessive purchases, and handing down clothes and toys frequently.


My challenge is that I want to have a simple house that is clean.  A home for everything.  Empty spaces would be great because that feels more open for me emotionally.  However, my obsessive nature hinders my decluttering preference because I avoid wasting good items.  For example, I wear socks with holes in them because most of the sock is still functional.  In order for me to toss something, it must be useless or have a new home (preferably not in my house).

Somehow, the wise words of my friend Jennifer Willke, brought me peace this weekend as I continued decluttering (this has been an ongoing, intentional process for over 2 years).


  • I realized that worrying about the small molecules of glitter glue in several bottles was not worth the effort so I threw them away!
  • Papers don’t have to be used on both sides before they go to the recycle bin.
  • Saving old craft items in case someday my kids decide to use them is not worth the attention those bins garner each time I workout downstairs so I gave them away to a friend.

Hallelujah!  My heart shouted as I walked downstairs and saw part of the wall today instead of stacks of stuff!  Thank you Jennifer for teaching me that letting go of worry is liberating so now I can learn to let go of my obsessive habit.  The world is a happier place when I am happy even if that means a few more items will end up in the landfill. 

On the flip side, I will need fewer essential oils to calm my nerves and decrease my stress.  

What are you ready to let go of so you can release the burden?  You can comment below with your challenges or find me on facebook because I have experience in working through mental blocks.

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