Can You Get More Done in a Day?

busyDo you feel confident that you can get everything done on your daily list?  If you are like most people, the answer is no, or even a resolute, “Never.”  Cue a big sigh of discouragement, right?

Is multitasking getting in your way?  As a homeschooling mom, a wife, and a business owner, I used to pride myself on how many things I could do at once.


However, cooking dinner while checking schoolwork along with reminding my children what they were supposed to be doing, and counting down the minutes until an important call led to unnecessary stress because my mind wasn’t focused on one thing but divided among several tasks.  In the end, I felt that I wasn’t getting anything done properly.

Now, I’ve discovered dual-tasking, which is accomplishing two purposes at the same time without taking away the focus on what needs to be done because we engage our mind in a mental task while our body does a physical task.  A few examples follow:

  • Talking on the phone while folding laundry
  • Driving while reviewing memorized poems
  • Teaching the children how to measure while cooking dinner (they use measuring cups)
  • Listening to classical music while studying math

diffuser for emotions

Do you see how by having several goals in mind, we can get more done at one time?  Dual-tasking is taking your activities and combining one mental task with one physical task.

Another thought, when we run errands, we go several places on the same trip out such as stopping at the bank, the post-office, the gas station, then the grocery store.  In the back seat, the kids are reviewing poems or practicing math facts.  

Looking for other ways to decrease stress?  You can diffuse calming essential oils in your home.  We like the peppermint with lemon combination because it lifts our mood while helping us focus.  Wild orange is a very happy aroma that everyone enjoys (a secondary benefit is that the essential oils clean the air so we stay healthy as well).

For more details about how to organize your day, check out this page How to Make the Clock Work in Your Favor.

What ideas do you have to increase your productivity?

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