Dusty Stuffed Animals?

bearYesterday my children discovered a teddy bear that I bought for my birthday with my grandmother about 30 years ago.  My son wanted to play with it but it was so dusty.  Luckily, I found a solution that I want to share with you.


We put the bear in the dryer, added 2 drops of PurifyRegistered Trademark to one of our wool dryer balls then started the dryer on air* dry mode for 5 minutes.  Wow!  The bear now smells clean and fresh, just like the Purify!

Last summer, our air was filled with smoke from the fires in California.  In the morning, my eyes were so irritated and I thought, “I can’t clean the air.”  But then I had an Aha! moment.   “Yes, I can clean the air with Purify!”  That night I diffused 3 drops of Purify on my bed-side table and I woke up breathing easily with no problems with my eyes.

Imagine what you can cleanse with just a few drops of Purify!

*Please note that we didn’t use heat in the dryer because heat will break down the essential oil.



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