Feeling Angry?

angerHow often do you feel ready to burst like a volcano spewing lava upon whomever is around you?  Explosive emotions seem prevalent because of the stress of life from work, relationships, money concerns, health challenges, and mood disorders.

Thankfully, we can address those angry feelings by using these 3 steps, as taught to me by Melaina.

  1. Identify your emotion
  2. Calm your mind
  3. Act appropriately

First task is to become aware of your emotion.  Label it.  It is not necessary to dismiss it nor act on it.  Instead, move to step 2.  Melaina explains that when you feel angry, stop, take some deep breaths then do one of the following activities to ensure you are ready to interact with people again:

  • Spell your last name backwardsball
  • List 6 sports that use a ball
  • Calculate how long you’ve been awake
  • Name all the states that start with a vowel
  • Remember what you were doing this month last year
  • Identify all the planets
  • Think of 3 personal goals

Can you believe that engaging your thinking brain will adjust the emotions coursing through your body?

AdaptivOnce you can complete one of the mental tasks above, you will be ready to address the cause of your strong emotion rationally.  By doing so, you will improve relationships with other people.

Feel free to comment below with your experience in acknowledging and adjusting your emotions.  For more help and ideas, contact me on Facebook or via email at [email protected]

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