Four Ideas to Reduce Your Medical Bills

billIn case you are wondering, this is a real bill.  Despite researching which hospital to use for a recent surgery, prepaying our expected portion, and having the insurance pay it’s portion, we still received this huge bill.

Here are 4 tips to help reduce your medical bills:

  1. Know what your insurance covers.  To decrease how much you pay, use in-network facilities and providers.
  2. Research to find out if your doctor and hospital are in network.
  3. When you get bills that are higher than you expected to pay, call the insurance to find out why they didn’t pay what you expected.
  4. Inform the provider that you are working with your insurance to get the bill paid so you aren’t charged late fees.

As you know, you are ultimately responsible for paying for the services you receive but you also have a right to ensure the insurance pays according to your contract.  Over the last several years, I’ve called my insurance numerous times because they denied claims and I didn’t understand why.  Those simple phone calls have saved me literally thousands of dollars because the insurance has reprocessed the claims and pahealthcare websiteid them.

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