How Can I Reach My Goals?

goals     Have you made goals, worked hard for a week, then lapsed back into your old routine?  If so, don’t worry.
You Are Not Alone.
     As you know, the first step to create a goal is to make it specific with a deadline.  For example, I want to be able to ride my bike to the top of our hill without becoming winded by June 30.
Now what do I do?
     Recently, I learned how to break down goals into smaller pieces so the monumental task becomes manageable bites.  Here are the four easy steps:


  1. List the steps needed to accomplish the goal (action items)
  2. Create smaller deadlines for each of those steps
  3. Start today with the first step
  4. Celebrate each achievement


Congratulations on moving forward with your goals!

     Need an extra nudge?
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        Would you like to see the specific steps that I’m taking to reach my goal shown above?  Keep reading to see my strategy.

The Goal: Ride my bike up the hill to a nearby school without becoming winded by May 31.
  1.  Walk, jog or ride my bike 30 minutes 3 times a week until May 1 with the intention of increasing my heart-rate for 15 minutes straight.
  2. Increase exercising to 5 times per week, as specified above, until May 31.
  3. Say aloud: “By making small changes everyday, I’ll change my life dramatically!”
  4. Finale: Ride my bike up that hill on May 31 and celebrate at the summit!

     Did you find this information helpful?  What if you could talk with me about your specific goals so we could create an individualized plan for you to reach them?  Comment below or find me on facebook at OilsWithChristy and we can talk.

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