Fruit Harvesting Made Easier

plums treeHave you ever intentionally shaken a tree to get the fruit down?  My new friend Victoria explained that to get the plums off the tree, she first clears the ground of fallen fruit, then shakes the tree because the ripe plums then come to the ground.

Think of how hard it is to reach the top-most branches.  Now imagine that fruit coming down while you are still on the ground.  Bonus, the ripe fruit comes rather easily so this process could be used routinely throughout the season because the unripe fruit clings more tightly to the branches.  Note, fruit can be bruised from a long fall so I’m not advocating this method for all harvesting, but I loved the simplicity of Victoria’s solution.  If we can’t climb to get to the fruit, bring the fruit to us using the force of gravity.

How can we apply this idea in our lives?

headshot for facebookIs there a goal that seems out of reach?  Perhaps sleeping through the night, being able to enjoy the dark season of winter, or having enough energy to make it through your day are dreams that you can only imagine.

By asking people who have achieved those goals and applying their unique solutions, you will be a step closer to where you want to be.  If you want to learn more about these topics, you are invited to follow my journey, which is chronicled at OilsWithChristy.  The next step is to apply what you are learning so you also feel better.

Have specific questions?  Comment below or send me a message.  Let’s help you succeed!

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