8 Hints for Safe Essential Oil Usage

1- USE GLASS: If you drink oils in water, use a glass rather than plastic because the citrus oils specifically can break down plastic containers.  What a great way to get toxins released from your body!

2- DRINK PLENTY OF WATER: When you use essential oils, they help cleanse your body. Please make sure the toxins can be flushed out of your system by ensuring you have plenty of water on board and your pipes are working.

3- STORE IN A COOL, DARK PLACE: Essential oils can break down in excessive heat. Find a place where you will remember to use them but that is cool and dark.  I keep mine in the kitchen cabinet.


  • When using oils on sensitive skin (children especially), use fractionated coconut oil or olive oil with the essential oil. Don’t use mineral oil or petroleum (Vaseline) products as they block to absorption of the essential oil.
  • If the area tingles or burns, use a carrier oil, not water to help spread the essential oil and provide quick relief. HOT oils that are more likely to tingle or burn are Oregano, Cinnamon, Cassia, Clove and Thyme.
  • If you are massaging the oil on a large area, use a carrier oil to help spread the oil.

5- DOSE: Use 1-3 drops every 4-6 hours as needed. Less oil more often provides more benefit. You will receive more benefit by using them consistently. Take most products with food.

6- CAUTION IN SUN: Avoid direct sun exposure for 12 hours after topically using citrus oils, such as Lemon, Wild Orange, Lime and Ginger.  Avoid direct sun exposure for 72 hours after topically applying Bergamot.  Don’t worry about sun exposure if you take them internally or use them aromatically.


  • Inhale: put a drop in your hand, rub your hands together then breath. Commercial diffusers are available to provide benefit for your whole household.
  • Topical: apply oil directly to relevant area or to the bottom of the feet since they will be absorbed rapidly from the feet. Limit topical use to 12-24 drops per day.
  • Internally: put a drop in water in a glass and drink, take the capsules with oil in them already or place a drop of essential oil in a gelcap, e.g. put 2 drops each of Melaleuca, OnGuard and Oregano in a capsule to boost your immunity.  Limit internal oils to 10-25 drops per day.

8- PREGNANCY: AVOID birch, cassia, cinnamon, rosemary, thyme and wintergreen

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