Homemade Sunscreen?

Yes!  I made sunscreen!  Why?

Taking care of our skin is critical to decrease our risk of skin cancer.  Did you know that protecting our children’s skin is even more important than our skin, as adults, because the earlier skin gets damaged (think of childhood sunburns), the more likely cancer will occur?

Add that to the fact that chemicals in sunscreens may be linked to cancer and it seems like a losing battle to care for our skin.  Unless of course you want to live your life indoors, thereby avoiding the sun.

A solution is here!  For 2 years, I’ve experimented with my own sunscreen so here is what I’ve come up with for myself and my family:

1/4 cup solid coconut oil     1/4 cup fractionated coconut oil (liquid)

2 Tble Shea Butter    2 Tble Beeswax (or less for a more creamy sunscreen*)

2 Tble. Olive Oil     Melt these 5 ingredients in a double boiler.

Take off the heat but while still hot, stir in 2 Tble. zinc oxide then pour into your container.

Next, add 1 tsp. Vitamin E oil, 10 drops each frankincense, helichrysum, myrrh, melaleuca. While it is cooling, stir frequently to keep the zinc oxide mixed with the other ingredients (the bottom of my first batch had a bunch of the zinc oxide).

*If it is too firm, use less beeswax next time. If you want it to be firmer, add in extra beeswax (another Tble).

Homemade Sunscreen

Frankincense is good for everything, including skin, so it adds a protective layer (see the Product Information Page).  As they say, when in doubt, pull your frankincense out.

Myrrh  has powerful cleansing properties and is soothing to the skin (see the Product Information Page here).

Helichrysum reduces the appearance of wrinkles to promote a glowing, youthful complexion (here is the Product Information Page).

fractionated coconut oilWhat is fractionated coconut oil, you ask?  It is coconut oil that is always liquid so your sunscreen will be creamy and easy to spread.

Instructions for use: similar to other sunscreens, apply 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every 1-2 hours for best protection.  Consider additional essential oils for even more protection and to enjoy an aroma that will become a new favorite: lavender, sandalwood, and melaleuca.

When you are ready to order some essential oils, you can read more about the other benefits of the most popular doTERRA essential oils here.

Have a great summer!

If you have more questions, simply comment below or find me on Facebook at OilsWithChristy.  We can make a plan together to help you reach your health goals!


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