How to Feel Better From the Inside Out

What types of health challenges are you having?abdominal pain

If you thought of occasional seasonal allergies, stomach discomfort, anxious feelings, excess weight, or dry/itchy skin there is one product to investigate.  Here’s why.

At the Symphony of the Cell training, we learned that as a living organism, we need our stomach and intestines (GI tract) to provide nutrients and to clean our bodies from the toxins we are exposed to daily.

Physical ailments come by way of lack of nutrients.

Our metabolism is linked to our nutrition. 

What does this mean? When we have a healthy GI tract, our bodies work better, physically and emotionally.

How do we improve our nutrition, which then improves our GI tract?

  • Eat raw fruits and vegetables.  Those highest in natural enzymes are apples, avocados, carrots, grapefruit, spinach and tomatoes.
  • Limit processed foods and refined sugar.
  • Focus on whole grains.
  • Take 4 Terrazyme capsules daily.
Using Terrazyme before breakfast will help break down the undigested food from the evening meal and help create movement in your GI tract.  Then taking Terrazyme with each meal (between 1 and 3 capsules depending on how heavy your meal is) will help your body utilize the nutrients and eliminate waste better than before.  By doing so, you will feel full longer, especially when drinking plenty of water (remember improving weight management?).

What about kids?  They can also benefit.  If they are too young to swallow a capsule, you can break it open and sprinkle it in food.  Have them eat right away because the Terrazyme breaks down food on contact (this is a great science experiment for kids to watch pudding become the consistency of chocolate milk).

Great news!  If your body doesn’t need all the enzymes from Terrazyme one day, it will store them for later use.


There are two ways to order Terrazyme:

  1. You can add it to your cart individually – Order Terrazyme Here
  2. Or you can order it as part of a kit – Cleanse and Restore Kit
The advantages of getting the Cleanse and Restore Kit are that you will have the Lifelong Vitality Pack, which provides nutrients for your body to function better.  Also, you will have your own account to order other products at 25% off retail price whenever you want.  Once your kit arrives, we will talk about how to use each product so you can reach your health goals.
Other questions?  Please comment below or find me on Facebook because working together is better than searching for answers alone.