I Can Choose My Mood

A few months ago, my family created three simple rules for each of us to follow.

  1. I will obey Mom and Dad.
  2. I can choose my mood.
  3. I will fulfill my family responsibilities.wild orange

Naturally, the first one comes from the scriptures and is a key for the children to earn rewards.

The second was my own creation because I was putting to much pressure on my children to stop whining, not allowing them to complain, etc.  When I heard adults whining and complaining, I realized my expectations for my children to always be happy was too high.

Finally, we are teaching our children about how we work together to clean the house and serve others so everyone can enjoy the benefits.

One of our routines is to use essential oils several times a day.  When we use the wild orange, our day seems to go more smoothly; after all, my children refer to wild orange as their ‘happy oil’.   If you would like to enjoy a sample of wild orange or some other oils, please contact me at [email protected]

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