Letting Go of Worry

worryYears ago a friend mentioned that I worried a lot.   True, since childhood, I carried the burden of worrying about many things.  The biggest one was worrying about not sleeping enough so I would be too tired the next day.  How ironic that my worrying brought to pass that which I wanted to avoid.

During my conversation with my friend, she asked what I had gained from all those years of worry.  Nothing but more pain I admitted.  How would you feel if you let go?  Free!  Liberated!  Peaceful!  I would feel so many good emotions, I admitted.

Putting my new worry free attitude into practice wasn’t too hard actually.  In just 3 steps, I changed my pattern of thoughts.  You can use these same ideas as explained below.

  1. Recognize when you are feeling worried;
  2. Ask if you can do something to change the situation;
  3. If you can’t change the situation, release the worry; if you can change the situation, do it.

PeaceAnother way to hasten the resolution of unwanted anxious feelings is to breathe in the aroma of doTERRA Peace essential oil.

Yesterday my new neighbor experienced the quick, calming effects by smelling Peace from the bottle.  To prolong the effects, she applied some of the oil on her wrists, heart and forehead.

Now it is your turn to enjoy the benefits of Peace; please contact me at [email protected] or find me, Christy Armbruster, on facebook today.


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