May I Be Your Sounding Board?

listeningThere is a phenomenon that we should discuss.  As people explain challenges to others, merely identifying the problem with words helps them find solutions without further assistance.

For example, when my daughter says she can’t reach a book, she realizes that she needs to get a chair or ladder to help her.  Another example is when I talk to my husband about challenges

sounding board

we are having with homeschooling, such as my son not paying attention because he is too busy and won’t sit still, I realize that he needs more physical activity – preferably outside.

Do you have someone who will listen to you – not necessarily to solve your problems – but who will let you discuss your challenges, feel the emotions and find solutions as you talk?

If not, we should connect because once you have identified what the problems are, solutions become much easier to apply.  Either email [email protected] or find me on facebook.

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