7 Ideas for Living in the Moment

One of the things I admire about my kids is that they live in the moment.  Contrast that ideal to my mental state of continuously planning what is next: what’s for dinner, where are we going today, when will I finish that project, who can find a solution…

Here are seven ideas to help focus on and thereby enjoy the present moment:

  1. Decide when your favorite part of the day is; when you get there, take a mental picture.
  2. Celebrate each accomplishment throughout the day.  Imagine a brief dance party when the dishes are done. Sing alleluia after making a phone call.  Give high fives to family members when you get home for the day.
  3. Express gratitude for something different each day.
  4. Literally stop and smell the roses.roses
  5. Provide simple service for someone in need, such as sending a note to a friend who is struggling, returning someone’s shopping cart, thanking people by name when they’ve done a great job, or picking up litter when you are at a park.
  6. Focus on different senses to enjoy what you have.  For example, close your eyes as you taste your food; quietly listen to the sounds of birds singing outside your window; feel your smooth skin after a sugar scrub; focus on the aroma of your favorite essential oil*.
  7. When feeling overwhelmed: stop, take 5 deep breaths, and smile.

BreatheAs you are slowing down your thought processes and focusing on breathing, open a bottle of Breathe essential oil and enjoy the aroma to open your passages so you can breathe clearly.  Each essential oil also has an emotional benefit.  In this case, Breathe invites individuals to let go (breathe out the negative) and receive (breathe in the positive).

*To learn more about essential oils, you can find more information Here.

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