Money matters


How does money fit into the theme of raising healthy children, you ask?  Thanks for asking – I love questions!  Children grow up to become adults and as adults, they will need to be conscious of what money is, how to earn it and responsible ways to use it.

Here are a few hints that I’ve used to enjoy a successful relationship with money:

  1. Earning money, rather than just receiving money, increases it’s value
  2. Saving money improves one’s ability to delay gratification
  3. Limiting debt decreases stress about money

As an adult, you can teach your kids about money through your example.  To begin, figure out how much money you make then create a budget so you spend less than what you make.  When you have large purchases, set aside extra money so you can pay for it completely without going into debt (the exceptions would be a reasonable home and vehicle).  Finally, discuss with your children what they plan to do with their money.

Personally, I tithe 10% as an offering in my church, save 50% for my long-term dream of going to Africa then use the rest as an investment in my continually growing home-based business of sharing doTERRA essential oils so other people can live healthier lives naturally.

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Free to giveAs an added bonus, doTERRA has a new program called Free to Give where they will send you a collectable coin when you pay off debt in four different categories: Credit Cards, Car Payments, Loans and Bills, and Mortgage. This program is free to enjoy and may add the extra motivation you need to become debt free!  Follow this link to start your journey: Free to Give Program

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