What Do You Want Most?

tennis shoesWhen you are making a decision, such as should I buy sports shoes the tennis shoes or the sports shoes, you are likely trying to decide which of the options will make you happy.  Pause for a moment and think, “Is that true?” 

Are you looking for something that will make you feel good?  At the end of the day, you want to be happy, right?   

You can relax now because that decision is unlikely to affect your happiness.  For better or worse, those decisions that we face daily such as should we have salad or asparagus with our dinner, do not make us happy or sad.  In fact, having all the moneygold we could ever spend at our disposal does not make us happy.

celebrityCase in point.  Think of your favorite celebrity with all the fame, money, and sometimes power.  From your vantage point, is their life happy?  Remember Solomon from the Bible?  He had more money than anyone else, a brilliant mind, dedicated followers but in heeding to the temptations of the flesh, he found himself miserable and depressed (see Ecclesisastes 2).

What then do we do for happiness?  I asked friends and here is a list of what makes them happy:

  • Being with my dogsanimalsparent
  • When the sun shines
  • Spending time with grandchildren
  • When my kids aren’t fighting
  • I get so much joy from my boys

rosesWhat would you add to the list?

I enjoy stopping to smell the roses, literally, teaching my children, serving other people, playing the piano, learning Spanish, and reading.

ElevationDiffusing essential oils also lifts my mood, especially the citrus oils.  Think of how the lemons, oranges, limes, and tangerines are high on a tree, close to the sun.  Our moods also become elevated as we enjoy the aroma.  Other options include Elevation, Balance, and Cheer, which are blends of sweet essential oils.

If you are looking at the best way to help your emotions with essential oils, I’d recommend looking at the Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Kit because you get a diffuser plus six blends to help improve your mood, whether you are feeling sad, anxious, or angry.

Would you like help deciding what is best for you?  Simply comment below or find me on facebook at OilsWithChristy and we can talk.


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