*New Recipe* Applesauce Crumble with essential oils

Love cooking?   Now we can enjoy some favorite recipes with added health benefits by including essential oils in the recipe.

Basic tips for cooking with essential oils:cassia supplement

  • Ensure you have quality essential oils that are safe to use internally (see the Supplement Facts on the side of the bottle?  That means the oil is safe to use internally).  doTERRA ensures their essential oils are safe.
  • Add essential oils after the cooking is finished,, if possible because heat will change their composition so they won’t be as potent
  • Baking with essential oils adds flavor
  • Replace 1 tsp. of seasoning with 1 drop of essential oil
  • If 1 drop of essential oil is too much (yes, they are that concentrated), dip a toothpick in the bottle, get it wet, then stir the toothpick in your food
  • Enjoy experimenting (using essential oils in enchiladas is how I discovered how yummy coriander is)

Presenting the applesauce crumble recipe!Applesauce Crumble

Find more recipes with essential oils here.

If you have more questions, simply comment below or find me on Facebook at OilsWithChristy.  We can make a plan together to help you reach your health goals!

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