What if you didn’t need an alarm?

alarm clockHere I am at 6:07 am writing this post because I woke up early, which is natural for my body.  To start my day I read my scriptures, oil pulled with clove essential oil, stretched, and showered, all while my family slept.  Pondering how to help you, I realized that you need to know my secret to waking up without an alarm.  Thank you Angie Phillips for teaching me about the Lifelong Vitality Pack (LLV) because even though I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), I am still in charge of my life.

Several years ago my sister, Angie, told me that my husband needed the Deep Blue capsules so his joints didn’t hurt.  That success is another story so I digress.  Since I love saving money, I saw that we could get the Deep Blue capsules for $20 when we bought the LLV.  Long story short, my husband declined taking the vitamins so instead of wasting them, I took them.

energizer bunnySo you understand, this was before I was diagnosed with MS but I struggled with fatigue and keeping up with my busy kids, especially my son who reminds me of the Energizer Bunny.  I began taking one capsule of each, the multivitamin, omega fatty acids, and cellular complex. After a few days, I bumped it to two of each, where the full dose is 4 of each but I prefer to add new things slowly.  Upon evaluating how I felt, I recognized that I had more energy so I was more patient with my children and feeling happier overall so that Friday, I took 3 of each.

What happened next still amuses me because even in my older age, I felt like the Energizer Bunny.  That weekend, we had a yard sale so I was up late organizing and pricing items, running up and down the street hanging signs.  Monday I vacuumed, moved furniture, shampooed carpets, vacuumed again and moved furniture again. By Tuesday when I went to play volleyball, my friends asked what I did because I was so full of energy still (note that I had slept at night but awoke ready to start the day).  I casually mentioned that I took some vitamins that help me feel great without having the crash that caffeine causes or other negative side effects from energy drinks. LLV

Once I was diagnosed with MS, I added DDR Prime to my regimen because the powerful combination of essential oils help my cells function properly; this adds to my energy so I take only 1 Alpha CRS + unless I’m extremely busy so I’ll take 2.  In case you are wondering, my husband loves his Deep Blue capsules; now he also takes the LLV, DDR Prime, and Mito2Max daily.

Are you ready to feel better?  The best way to start is to create Healthy Habits or try Natural Solutions for the best value.  Comment below or find me on Facebook because we can create a plan to help you today.

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