What are you passionate about?


When I was teaching a class to make spray bottles with my new friend Cheryl Shine, she commented that,

“If you have a passion for something, you’ll do it.”

We had been talking about her husband’s service in the Navy and her involvment in the American Legion Auxiliary.  Her insight prompted this post because it is so true!

Take her for example, many of her family members have been involved in the military, serving our country for generations, so now she is doing her part to support the veterans who have also served.

Compare that to my ambitious schedule.  Trained as a exercisepediatrician, I love helping people feel better with their physical and emotional health.  Since I have started incorporating an exercise routine, a plant-based diet (I include dairy because I enjoy mild cheddar cheese as a treat), a mindful approach to reducing stress, and intentional goals for my business, I have been accomplishing more each day than I used to in a week because I am passionate about what I do.  This passion spreads as I invite other people to talk with me about how to improve their lives as well.

Now it’s your turn.  What are you passionate about?

For example, what topic do you love to discuss with anyone who will listen?  I’d love to learn from you because I find learning fun!  Bonus: you could be highlighted as one of my teachers on my website so comment below or find me on Facebook.

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