Could essential oils help your pet?

zillaImagine, Salt Lake City, doTERRA Convention 2019, Dr. Janet Roark, a veterinarian, was on stage.  She taught us how to care for our senior pets.  My cat, Zilla, is 15 years old and walks slowly while her joint clicks.  Because of this training, I started using essential oils directly on Zilla to help her feel better.  Frankincense was first because I love the benefits for myself, using the following routine:

  • Put a drop of Frankincense in my hand with some fractionated coconut oil (FCO)
  • Rub this combination on my face and neck
  • Add more FCO to dilute even more
  • Rub on her shoulders
  • Watch her enjoy internal benefits by licking herself

Over the next few weeks, we tried a different oil each day or every other day including Siberian Fir, Copaiba (which is one of her favorites as she responds loudest when she wants Copaiba), Turmeric with Pink Pepper, and Roman Chamomile.  What happened next was amazing! Frankincense

Zilla started to come out in the middle of the day and meow at me.  Since I talk to my pets, I started talking to her and it dawned on me that she wanted some oils so we’ve created a routine where I’ll list the oils one at a time and she will respond yes by meowing or no by turning her head or remaining silent.

Do you think your pet would benefit from trying essential oils?  Comment below or find me on Facebook so we can create a plan together.

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