Quick Tip to Stay Positive

Did you know that you can only have one thought in your mind at a time?  When I first heard that, I didn’t believe it.  Being a woman, I think of many things all the time but as I tried to keep my focus on more than one thought, I wasn’t able to do it.  Can you?

happyUsing that tidbit of information is the key to keeping our mood uplifted!  All we need to do is choose something positive to think about, focus on it and enjoy life feeling happy.

Yes, it is easier said than done.

wild orange

When we need an emotional lift at my house, I ask my kids “what oil do you need?”  Typically, they desire Wild Orange because that is their “happy oil.”

During classes when I pass around the Wild Orange, I love watching people smile as they enjoy the aroma.  Even better is the look of pleasure when they taste just a single drop in a glass of water.  Surprisingly, even though the essential oil comes from the peel of the orange, it doesn’t taste like the peel; instead it is very refreshing and almost sweet.

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