Quick Way to Improve Your Health

For six weeks, I’ve been participating in a Self-Reliantrackingce Course and learning about how to improve finances in business and personal life.  The amazing thing is that by simply writing down how much we spend, we’ve improved out budget and started spending less.

Now we can take that idea of tracking to improve our health.  Have you considered wralarm clockiting down how many steps you take per day?  Several friends of mine love competing with themselves to increase the number of steps they take, which is quickly identified on their Fitbit.

What about how many hours you sleep each night?  If you track the hours and find the number too low, you will likely make changes to reach your goal.  Here are 6 Ideas for Better Sleep.

In the next post, we’ll discuss what to do after you you’ve started tracking.  Remember, it could be money, calories or miles on your car.  Whatever you would like to change, track your habits first, then you’ll be able to make changes once you have that information.


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