Finding Relief with Turmeric

Thank you Dr. David K. Hill, DC, for sharing your knowledge about essential oils on stage at the doTERRA conventions as well as online!

Quick Rice and Beans Since Turmeric essential oil became available in 2018, I’ve seen many people enjoy relief from discomfort when taking it orally in veggie capsules with Pink Pepper or Black Pepper.   My family and I enjoy cooking with it because it adds flavor with only a few drops as do all the essential oils that are labeled for internal use.

During my research for this post, I discovered that the Turmeric essential oil has Tumerones, which are easily absorbed so your body can use the molecules.  Contrast that with the curcuminoids in the botanical form of Turmeric, which, as explained by Dr. Hill, are poorly absorbed when taken alone.  doTERRA studied how to improve the Turmeric duobenefits of Turmeric and created the duo-capsules, which have been shown to increase the bio-availability 11-fold compared to the Turmeric powder alone!

Lesson: Take the Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules for the most benefits.

As shown at LyfeBotanical, “Studies show that curcumin is an excellent all-natural anti-inflammatory that may help modulate and manage pain.”

You can take charge of your health by finding the products that will help you the most.  Comment below or send me a message on Facebook with specific questions because relief is available.

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