roller bottle partyMy friend Tosha has an adorable store called Kerby Lane DIY Creative Studio where people can buy pre-made items or learn how to make their own signs, macrame, knitted quilts, and more.  One way she boosts the success of the store is by taking pictures of her happy customers with their creations.  So I’d like to share some pictures of my classes.

In the back of the studio is a large project table, shown on the left.  Michelle and I made two roller bottles; one to help improve her son’s sleep and the other to decrease discomfort in her wrist.   After applying her roller bottle, she quickly felt better.lotion party

In my kitchen, we’ve made custom lotion bars so each person could choose which essential oil combination to add to address their challenges.  Several people added Serenity for improved sleep; Deep Blue for muscle discomfort was popular, as was Citrus Bliss for it’s invigorating aroma, and Spearmint for a boost of energy and improved breathing.  Even children have participated by measuring, stirring, and choosing their favorite essential oils at these parties.

Gifts are fun to make using the double boiler method.  On the left you see the glass jar with the chocolate melts inside a pot that has water.  The heated water gently melts the chocolates so we can add essential oils then put them in molds for fun shapes.

My friend Emily brought molds in the shape of a temple, along with chocolate melts, to make several types of chocolates to put into gift bags.  We added 2 drops of peppermint essential oil to the batch of white chocolate treats; some of the milk chocolate candies have wild orange essential oil for added flavor and a boost of happy emotions.  Go ahead and close your eyes as you imagine those goodies melting in your mouth.

Thank you Tosha for being a good example to me of how to share the joy of what you are doing in your Creative Studio!  I’ve become better at taking pictures and sharing successes because of what I learned from you.

If you have fun ways to use essential oils, comment below or find me on Facebook because I love trying new ideas.  Are you curious about other ways essential oils can improve your health?  Contact me and we can discuss your challenges then create a plan for you to start feeling better today.

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