Common Sense Advice

Vegetables, Paprika, Traffic Light Vegetable, Food, EatWhen I was at an event, I spoke with a representative from Cutco.  Although it is one of those common sense ideas, I have not forgotten how he explained that

Most injuries involving knives in the kitchen happen when people cut towards their body. 

For example, putting an apple on a cutting board then cutting down is safe; compare that to having an apple in your hand then slicing it.  The knife is naturally going to continue down through the apple and cut your hand if the force is too high.


When I saw my son cutting the pepper this way, with the knife moving away from his body, I helped him understand that having the pepper stand up would be even safer because his right hand would not be in the way if he pushes hard with a long knife.

pepper upAs a pediatrician, one of my goals was to help parents create safe environments for their children so we talked about car seats, avoiding choking hazards, and pool safety.  Similarly, now I teach people how to use essential oils safely.  Some main points are to avoid putting citrus oils on our skin then going in the sun.  Use 1 drop several times a day rather than 10 drops once a day.  Have coconut oil available if the oil is too hot on the skin (in the spicy sense) because the coconut oil helps carry the essential oil into the body where it will be beneficial.

What are some common sense ideas that you’ve learned that perhaps, aren’t so common after all?  Comment below or find me on Facebook to share your knowledge.

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