Personal lessons

Last night several ideas combined in my head to help me realize how to help my children feel better and be more obedient.  emotion kit

After discussing my personality color, type and traits with one of my coaches, we discussed my children.  My daughter is just like me in looks and personality.  Red-blue so she wants to be in control, stay organized and get things done.  Contrast that with my son, who is yellow: spontaneous, fun, out-going and scattered focus.

Using this information, I can now individualize how I treat each child.  For instance, my daughter wants more independence so she can feel in charge so I will outline what work she needs to do each day.  If it isn’t done by dinner-time, she won’t be able to play after we eat together because she’ll have to complete her tasks.

Similarly, the emotions kit, pictured on the right, has 6 essential oil blends to meet your emotion goals depending on how you feel during the day.  During a tantrum, I’ve used Forgive on my son and we enjoy Peace to calm down at night for a better sleep.  Cheer is uplifting and Passion is inspiring.  Several friends have commented that Motivate would help them get off the couch.  Console is very soothing to the heart and mind.

Do you have questions about how you can improve your relationships with your children?  Please email me at [email protected]

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