Staying healthy naturally

Who do you know who seems to be sick frequently?  During the Fall and Winter months, that problem seems prevalent so here are some ideas on how to protect yourself and those you love.

Providing your body with a healthy foundation will improve your immune system.  Items such as adequate sleep, proper nutrition and limiting stress can profoundly affect how you feel emotionally and physically.    foaming hand wash

Using essential oils throughout the day will also help.  My favorite way to include OnGuardRegistered Trademark in our daily routine, without even thinking about it, is with the Foaming Hand Wash!  We have a dispenser in the kitchen and each of the bathrooms so everyone uses it several times a day.

Last week we were exposed to people who were not feeling well so each of us enjoyed an OnGuard cough drop once or twice a day to ensure we stayed healthy.  My kids ask for them by name because, as my 4 year old explains, “they’re yummy and they’re and I love them and they’re sucker-type cough drops and you can chew them and I love chewing them.”

When we are away from home and don’t have soap and water, a natural hand sanitizer can be helpful.  The reason to avoid alcohol based sanitizers, is that you actually strip your hands of a protective layer, which leaves you more exposed than you were before washing your hands.  Here is a simple recipe with just 3 ingredients that is always in my purse!


Hand Sanitizer
5 T aloe gel
8 T distilled water
8-10 drops On Guard essential oil (generic name is protective blend)
Mix together in a good quality plastic squeeze bottle.


What happens when you didn’t avoid all the germs?  Try this immunity booster feel better quickly!

On GuardImmunity Booster Power House

1 drop Tea Tree essential oil
1 drop On Guard essential oil
1 drop Oregano essential oil
Place in a veggie capsule or diffuse at the FIRST signs of feeling a little “off”.

We take an immune booster whenever we have been exposed to an illness. You can repeat every 3-4 hours for 3 days if needed. Please note that Oregano is very hot so if you get it on your skin or tongue, put on another oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil to sooth the irritation – NOT water since oil and water don’t mix.

roller bottleFor children:
10 drops Tea Tree
10 drops On Guard
5 drops Oregano

Place in a large roller bottle and fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil. As their first signs of being “off”, roll on the bottom of the feet and rub in several times per day. The key is less oil more frequently. On Guard and Oregano are considered hot oils so they need to be heavily diluted especially with young children.

Bonus: Include 5 drops of Frankincense then remember to use the FOOT roller bottle on your feet to stay healthy where each letter stands for an oil (F=Frankincense, O=On Guard, O=Oregano, T=Tea Tree).

In anticipation of your next question, YES!  You can also diffuse 2 drops each of Tea Tree, On Guard and Oregano for the whole household to stay healthy.

The best way to get these products in your home is to start with an enrollment kit because you will have more products available when other challenges arise plus it saves money compared to buying them separately.  Please comment below or find me on Facebook so we can talk about the best options for you and your family to enjoy better health.