Tantrum Problems?

Hi Guys!

consoleHave you heard the advice that when a child is having a tantrum, he* is either hungry or tired?  When your child is melting down, try a snack, quiet time or even a nap.  You can probably tell what to try based on when he last ate and how long he has been playing.

Another idea is to gently get your child’s attention by holding his cheeks then asking what is wrong.  If he isn’t ready to talk yet, just give him a hug.  When a hug is refused, allow your child to go to his room until he is calm.

The concept is that your child needs to learn how to self regulpeaceate his emotions similar to learning how to walk and talk.  In a later post, you will learn that infants also have to learn how to sleep.

To help your child be more open emotionally, you can try using one of the emotional aromatherapy oils: Forgive, Peace or Console.  When you buy the kit with all 6 oils, you will receive a box that shows which oil you should use based on your current emotion.  For example, if you feel angry, try ForgiveRegistered Trademark.  When fear is the dominant emotion, Peace should bring a sense of calm.  Grief or sadness may be diminished by using Console.

Aromaticallyforgive using the essential oil is the quickest way to enjoy the benefits.  Just open the bottle and inhale the aroma.  For long lasting benefit, diffuse the oil or apply a drop with a carrier oil on the wrists, over the heart and on the forehead.

*In this article, he refers to your son, daughter or all your children.


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