Do You Know What Your Target Is?

targetHow often have you set a goal for yourself but haven’t seen it completed?  The best way to start is by tracking what you are doing now, as explained here: Tracking Helps You Improve.  Once you understand what you are currently doing then you create a target, also called a goal, of where you want to be.

My children mark on their chart each time they complete a chore (that is their tracking).  Each chore is worth a certain coin (a quarter for my 7 year old, a dime for my 5 year old).  They get paid every other week.  Now, my daughter has a goal (a target), to earn $10.  After paying tithing of 10% and saving 50% of her earnings, she discovered she needs to complete 88 chores tocleanse accomplish what she wants.

Similarly, after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I started keeping track of various symptoms of blurry vision, abdominal pain and sleepless nights.  By tracking those challenges, I became more aware of the problems I was having then I tackled each one by setting a goal to improve my overall health.  Glasses were the first priority and now I love seeing clearly.

Next on my to do list was abdominal pain.  There are so many options.  Digestzen works quickly after eating too much or to settle a mild upset stomach.  Cleansing internally with GX Assist followed by the combination of prebiotics/probiotics in PB Assist + is another option.

If one of your goals is to improve your health, please continue learning more about all-natural options here Basics of Essential Oils.


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