Wake Up and Live!

awareWhile contemplating awareness this week, I remembered an experience from when I was in elementary school – perhaps 4th grade.  One day, while at school, I made a conscious choice and then realized that I hadn’t had to think for almost a year.  It was as if I were on auto-pilot, living life subconsciously.  Truly, it was an awakening of my awareness that affected me so profoundly that I have never again been in auto-pilot mode for any considerable length of time, although there have been painful moments where I wished I could revert to my subconscious state of being.

Now ponder for a moment, how present are you in your own life?    Another way of stating that question is to ask how often are you making conscious decisions?https://i0.wp.com/media.doterra.com/us/en/images/product/intune-10ml.jpg?resize=169%2C279

In the scriptures we read that “men are that they might have joy.”  We must be mentally present in order to feel the joy that we are to attain.  How would you like to become more present in your life?

One essential oil that may help us focus on life and to be aware, is called Intune or Focus Blend.  On Sunday before church I roll some on my son’s spine so he can feel more reverent during our meetings.

To learn more about how essential oils can benefit you and your family, Click Here.  Feel free to share this information to those you love.  As questions arise, please contact me at [email protected]

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