Who Knew? Google Docs!

filesDo you struggle to keep track of your files?  Too many folders, too many spreadsheets, too much information and you can’t remember what you named it?  In paper and online, there are so many papers all around me too!

But now with GoogleDocs, you can have access to all your documents (or spreadsheets, etc.), from any device that has internet access.  Even better, you can search for information that you know is included within the document so even when you don’t remember what you titled it, you can find it.  Thank you Tasha at Emerge Sales Training!

Wish ListWhen I meet with people, we create a personalized document that we can each see that includes the health challenges for the person and her family, a list of essential oils and supplements that will address those challenges, and a plan for using each of them in her home.

Can you imagine how useful this free resource will be for you?  Perhaps you will use a spreadsheet to track how much money you are spending so you can stay in a budget.  Maybe you’ll keep a list of birthdays so you can remember to send gifts.  Even school papers can be written on your phone then edited from your computer without transferring data!

Oh, the potential is amazing!

How would you like the free service of a wish list for yourself and your family?  You can find ways to improve your memory (Frankincense), feel more energetic (Lifelong Vitality Pack), sleep better (Lavender), and stay healthy all year long (On Guard).  Comment below or find me on Facebook today to set up your consult.

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