Why Whisper?

listenAlthough not a novel concept, this was an intriguing find for my kids.  While making lunch, I was whispering instructions to my daughter.   She casually asked why I was whispering.  Taken aback, I paused, then replied that apparently my kids are better at listening when I whisper.  My son, who was in the adjoining room at the time, then shouted, “I heard that.”  It works – my daughter admitted.

Then came her profound revelation: that is like listening to the still small voice.  Yes!  Success as a parent!  It is like listening to the still small voice, sometimes called our conscience.

While typing this success story, I realized I had a great play on words here also.  Whisper , also known as Women’s Blend, helps women feel more balanced with their emotions throughout the month and can even help them feel calm.  Because of the gentle, sweet aroma, my Whisperniece enjoys using Whisper as a perfume.  By using Whisper, we may be more inclined to use our soft voices as we communicate.

How would you like to enjoy the aroma and other health benefits of Whisper?  Please contact me by commenting below, emailing me at [email protected], or connecting on facebook.

Have a wonderful, peaceful day!

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